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Miami University Rugby : Old Boys Weekend

How Did Old Boys Weekend Start?

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The idea for Miami's Old Boys Weekend came from Alan Weber ('74), who was inspired by a similar event that was held each year at the Australian high school where he and his brother David ('75) learned to play rugby.

The event has been held in Oxford every year since the first Old Boys weekend in 1973.

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By the fall of 1973, Miami had four years of rugby under its belt and had graduated enough players for the first alumni match against the Miami A side. As indicated in the Miami Student article below, the Old Boys needed some help in filling out their side in the first match and went down in defeat to a strong Miami side.

First Old Boys Match : Miami Student Article 10/2/73

At the second Old Boys match in 1974, a larger crop of alumni (particularly those who continued playing with city clubs) turned out. This time the Old Boys emerged victorious in a close match, starting a tradition where, more often than not, alumni experience prevails in the contest with the youngsters.

Second Old Boys Match : Miami Student Article 10/1/74

However, irrespective of the outcome of the match, the most important aspect of the weekend has always been the opportunity to reconnect with old teammates, and to enjoy the camaraderie of Miami rugby players past and present.

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