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The Miami University Men's Rugby Football Club Alumni Association, Inc. shall be organized and operated to develop, support and sustain collegiate rugby football at Miami University.
Miami Rugby Scholarships

The Miami Rugby Alumni Association awards two $500 scholarships each year at Old Boys. Our first scholarship is named after Doug Edwards, Miami RFC's long time player and coach who passed away in 2002. Minus a few years living and playing in Pittsburgh and Atlanta, Doug played for Miami from 1969 through 1983. In 1984 Doug began coaching Miami. Doug also volunteered as an Ohio Rugby Union select side coach, Midwest Rugby Union select side coach and Collegiate All American manager.

The Collegiate All Americans award the Doug Edwards Best Tourist Award each year to "the player who shows outstanding ability on the pitch and character off the field during the course of the annual All-American Tour." This is the only award presented during the Collegiate All Americans annual tour. You can read Doug's obituary, written by Bowling Green State University RFC head coach Roger Mazzarella in our August 2002 Newsletter. The Doug Edwards Memorial Scholarship is annually supported by Doug's wife, Barb.

Our second scholarship is named after Lionel Young who founded Miami RFC in 1968 and passed away in 2004. Lionel was born in Birtley, England in 1921 where here played for Rockcliff RFC. After serving in the British army in WWII, Lionel emigrated to Canada where he played a part in founding two clubs in Toronto. Lionel started Miami RFC in the fall of 1968 and left Oxford for Florida in 1970. More information on Lionel can be found on page 2 of our August 2005 Newsletter. The Lionel Young Memorial Scholarship is supported by the Miami Rugby Alumni Association.

Scholarships are awarded to students who have been active members of Miami RFC for at least two semesters, are not graduating in the coming semester and are in good standing with the university. Scholarship applications are sent out each spring and include a short essay portion about how rugby has transcended into other areas of the player's daily life. Applications are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee and are awarded at our annual Old Boys Match each September.

If you are not a current player and are interested in Miami's financial assistance programs, or applying to the university please see their website at Miami U. Admissions. International students interested in attending Miami and playing rugby should go to Miami U. International Program for further information. If you have further questions please email Sean Edwards at .

Past scholarship winners are:

Doug Edwards
Memorial Scholarship
Lionel Young
Memorial Scholarship
2014 (To Be Awarded @ Old Boys event on 9/6/2014)
2013 Conor Mathews Nathan Creviston
2012 Connor Murray Nate Carson
2011 Mathew Korth Luke Markovich
2010 Humberto TijeroPatrick Rahill
2009 Adam Sigrist
2008 Alex Megura Mark Thompson
2007 Dan LeMoine Anton Dolenc
2006 Joe Micelli Dan Lakis
2005 Joe "Mario" Naumann Peter Griffith
2004 BJ Brick John Coughlin
2003 Tom Kelly
Shawn Ashcraft
2002 Tom Campbell
Ryan Rybka
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