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Old Boys Weekend 9/7/2014

Sep 07, 2014 - Old Boys Weekend

Steve Fazekas arranged tee times at "The Woods" on Friday afternoon, with Fa, Craig Scheiderer, Mike Harrington and Eric Schwarz changing partners for each 6 holes,  It was scorching hot with high humidity too as only summer in Oxford can be.  Mike was the big winner owing to Eric‘‘s collapse on the last six holes; however, he has not yet collected on the wagers and there is always next year.

Saturday‘‘s Match Report from Dike

The Old Boy‘‘s weekend of 2014 marks the 46th annual Alumni game. It also marks one of the most physical, entertaining, and fulfilling games that the Reds will embark on this season.

Dike Ajiri had his hands full as coach with only 18 Old Boys available for the first game and a short a 5 minute warm up.  It was no surprise the OBs started off sluggish and 25 minutes in were down 22-5.  Our lone score was try by Steve Fazekas in the corner although all tries were a team effort on the day.

After our "Warm up" the Old Boys found lighting in the bottle when 50 year old winger Dr. Dennis Dino scored in the corner to great applause. 22-10 halftime.

Beau Barbie scored the next try getting the Old Boys to within 7 points. The the Young boys scored again 27-20

Derrick Patick then brought the Old Boys to within 2.

Young boys score again.

Pat Rahill gets us within 2 points again with 9 minutes remaining.

Young boys score again and the game ends 32-25 Young Boys.

1 Conner Matthews
2 Pat Rahill
3 Mike Cahill
4 "Skinny" Tom Campbell
5 Stuart Donnett
6 Beau Barbie - This year‘‘s Skipper
7 I have no idea!
8 Bob "Nuts" Schenkie - all over the field as usual
9 John Burgin - He‘‘s a poet on and off the field
10 Mike Pelagalli
11 Steve Fazekas - Perennial Old Boy Stand Out!
12 Luke Markovich
13 Derrick Patick - hard runs as always & hard to bring down.
14 Sweet Lou
15 Ryan Rypka

16 Ryan Pelagalli - came on at wing.
17 Tim Williams - played a lot of 2nd row.  Driving home I saw a sign that he‘‘s running for City Council in Libertyville.
18 Greg Berling - played a lot at wing forward or maybe he only played in the 2nd game?
19 Dr. Dennis Dino - Hadn‘‘t played in 10 years but scored a try!  Also he‘‘s an ER physician so it was good to have him look people over, tell them they‘‘re fine and get back out there because we have no subs!
20 Ferd "Ageless" Schneider came at tight head

As always, the Old Boys engaged full throttle and provided a difficult 80 minute challenge - proving we still have the tenacity to compete in arguably one of the world‘‘s most strenuous sporting events. The game started out with some back and forth play. The Reds were able to pin the Old Boys on their half until they were able to strike on the side with senior winger, Jamie Stagnero, who scored the game‘‘s first try. The game would continue as the Reds and Old Boys traded tries, keeping the game close. The Reds saw tries from various players, ranging from the front row to the wingers. The second half stayed close - the Reds leading by 7 with only minutes remaining. An impressive defensive effort kept the Old Boys at bay while time expired and the final whistle was blown.

"B" Game
Again the young boys got out to an early 14-0 lead.  But then the advil and pride kicked in and Tim Shymkus scores a converted try!

Young boys score a couple more times.

Josh Bergin jumps on the ball for a try to end the game.  Young Boys 26 - Old Boys 14

1 Mike Cahill - thank you for playing 2 games!
2 Kyle - young alum with a beard
3 Ferd Schneider - Ageless.....and Conner Matthews
4 Eric "Biff" Schwarz
5 Young Boy Nick and Tim Williams - He deserves to be a Councilman because he played 120 minutes of rugby!
6 John Hogan - Covered from head to toe in padding but still able to get hit in just the right way to require 8 stitches over her eye.
7 Greg Berling
8 I don‘‘t know but probably "Nuts" as he was everywhere and played 2 games
9 JR Hassett - ageless
10 Beau Barbie - 2 games!
11 Ryan Pelagalli
12 Tim Shymkus - played the whole game
13 Steve Fazekas - 2 games!
14 Dr. Dino!
15 Jake Goetz

16 Lou - skinny kid from Hamilton.  Thank you for playing 2
17 David Kirschner - 50 year old came in a did a good job
18 Zo - Yes I let him play. 1 minute and no damage!

We didn‘‘t have a full side so some Young Boys helped fill out our side.  Thank you Robert, Jake, Nick, Sean (not Edwards), Carter and Memphis.  Thank you all Gentlemen.

Old Boy Man of The Match was Beau Barbie for being all over the field, captaining the 1st game, playing in the forwards the 1st game, played fly half the 2nd game.....AND HE FLEW IN FROM CHINA TO BE AT OLD BOYS.  So if he can make it back to Oxford.......

There were a number of non-playing Old Boys supporting on the sidelines and they were awesome!
A few photos on the facebook page below - Thanks Bob Lyons
Saturday‘‘s Dinner and Awards presentations were held at the Top Deck.  Many thanks as always to Andy and Terry and the Top Deck Crew for all the support!  Please, always stop by when you‘‘re back in town!

Scholarship winners:
Doug Edwards - Dominic Forlini
Lionel Young - Austin Schneider

OB MVP - Beau Barbie
Young Boys MVP - Dominic Forlini
OB Volunteer of the year - Steve Fazekas
Club Volunteer of the year - Dominic Forlini

Thank you all as always for your support of another great Old Boys Weekend!

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